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Mail-In Ballot Election Info

Cass County informed us that Ballots were mailed out on September 30th from a 3rd party vendor.  Sylvan Township residents who are registered to vote have 3 options this election.

1) Drop your completed ballot in the drop box at Sylvan Town Hall

2) Mail your completed ballot through the USPS

3) Drive up to Cass County offices in Walker where you can do one of the following...

    3a) Drop your completed ballot in their ballot box

    3b) Vote in person on election day or 7 days prior; you will need to bring your mail-in ballot with you to Cass County so they can spoil that mail-in ballot and provide you with a new ballot to vote in person with.

If you have any questions please give Cass County a call at 218-547-7295.

Sylvan Town Hall hours:  Mon - Fri 8am-2:30pm   |    Open on Oct. 31st 10am-3pm   |   Nov. 2nd until 5pm   |   Nov. 3rd (Election Day) 7am-8pm for ballot box drop off ONLY)

Free Internet:  Available in the Town Hall parking lot with no password required.

Town Hall building is limiting the number of people allowed in the building at one time due to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. Face coverings are required and all necessary sanitizing will be done after each visitor. You may mail us documents if you are uncomfortable coming into the Town Hall. We are also available daily by phone or email  218-746-3652  | clerk@sylvantwp.com

Broadband Internet Speed Test

Use the link here to test your internet speed at your residence. The more people who do this test, the better. Please see the link to the MN Speed Test Initiative below.

**If you do not have Broadband Access currently available in your area, please send us a note at the Township to let us know. We would like to see how many areas in the Township do not have access to Broadband Internet. Also, if this is the case for you, please know that Sylvan Township still has free internet available in the parking lot of the Town Hall.

MN Broadband Coalition Internet Speed Test

Speed Test Information

Cass County has CARES Act Funds available for Small Businesses to apply for. Please click here to be directed to Cass County's home page to find the link to the application.

Cass Co. CARES Funds App

Gateway to Pillsbury State Forest

Sylvan Township was organized on April 2, 1912.  The Township was named after Sylvan Lake, known for its beautiful evergreen woods.  This community of 2700 residents is located in the southern portion of Cass County, west of the City of Baxter and surrounds the City of Pillager.  The Township is defined by its many lakes, rivers, agricultural, and wooded areas.  Sylvan Township has the largest Native American burial mound groupings in the Mississippi Headwaters and one of the largest within the state of Minnesota.