Board of Supervisors

Sylvan Township has five Supervisors. They are elected in November during the General Election. They each serve a four-year term before being re-elected.

The Board meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30/7:00 PM in the Town Hall.  Residents of Sylvan Township are invited and encouraged to attend Town Board meetings.

The Board of Supervisors have email addresses for Township business.  Please utilize these email addresses for any and all communications regarding Township business.  This way we can keep our records safe and monitored.


Supervisor Booth (Chair) -

Supervisor Johnson -

Supervisor Card -

Supervisor Bennett (Vice Chair) -

Supervisor Schmit - No email available

All Town Board Supervisors are also the Short-Term Rental Authority.

Sylvan township Minnesota

Greg Booth

Supervisor Seat 1

Chair | Personnel Committee | Weed Supervisor | Special Projects

1999-2024 (7 terms)

Board of Appeal and Equalization Training: 2022-2025

Cell: 218-838-1266

Sylvan township Minnesota

Greg Bennett

Supervisor Seat 4

Vice Chair | Liaison to PC | Personnel Committee

2017-2024 (2 Terms) 

PC - 2017

Board of Appeal and Equalization Training: 2012 - 2025 

Cell: 218-831-2341

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Bob Johnson

Supervisor Seat 2

Fire Representative | Co-Road Supervisor

2021 – 2024 (1 Term)

Board of Appeal and Equalization Training:  2022-2025

Cell: 612-735-7303

Sylvan township Minnesota

Arlene Schmit

Supervisor Seat 5

Co-Road Supervisor | Pillager Lake Park Supervisor

2015 – 2026 (3 Terms) 

PC 2007-2014 (3 Terms)

Board of Appeal and Equalization Training: 2021-2024

Cell: 218-251-1048



Keith Card

Supervisor Seat 3

Co-Road Supervisor | Cass Co Assoc of Townships Director

2022 – 2026 (1 Term)

Board of Appeal and Equalization Training:

Cell: 218-640-5731

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Seats 3:

Seat 5:


Board of Supervisors Mtg Mins

Here you can read through all of the Board of Supervisors meeting minutes. The minutes are available about 2/3 weeks after the meeting date.  Archived minutes can be requested from the Town Hall staff as well.