Sylvan Township’s Parks

Sylvan Township has two Parks located in it - PILLAGER LAKE PARK & SYLVAN LAKE PARK


Pillager Lake Park is the first park located on Highway 1 going north of State Hwy 210.  The Planning Commission is in the process of developing the second park, Sylvan Lake Park.

Pillager Lake Park is governed by four government entities: Fairview Township, May Township, Sylvan Township, and the City of Pillager.

The Pillager Lake Park Board meets as needed. Pillager Lake Park has host campers that stay at the park during the summer months to oversee the park in keeping trash picked up, mowing the grass, and taking care of any other needs at the Park.

The Pillager Lake Park Board has purchased another picnic table, bench, and some new playground equipment for this summer 2019.  Pillager Lake Park is a great place for families to gather for a picnic, swim, and fish.

Note:  Swimming is at your own risk at Pillager Lake Park as there are no lifeguards. 

Sylvan Lake Park trails have been started and we had a great team of individuals come out to help burn the hillside, seed the hillside, and plant 175 trees in the park over the last few months.  BIG THANKS goes out to Dave Johnson (PC Chair), Supervisor Bennett, Supervisor Schmit, Supervisor Adelman-Dullinger, Vickie Kettlewell (PC member), Dave Skogen (PC member), Scott Forsythe, Fred Bennett, Jamie Bennett, & Bella Bennett.